Eureka Robotics 1


Eureka Robotics 1

Duration: 48 hrs

We mainly focus on building of different types of Robots with the help of Metal plates, Motors, Batteries and gears. Kids make models with their creativity and learn basic concept of building of Robotics Structure.

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    Robo-Block Basic Comprise
    of Following Courses

    Here kids will start learning about the basic of all the parts of robots like Metal parts, motors, Battery, remote control and many more. Kids will learn to design and Build working models with Circuit connections Kids will learn total 10 projects in this and 2 tests will be there Projects


    Kids will make the RoboCart Robot and will learn the concept of Push Pull Mechanism


    Kids will learn the concept of how to build the structure of RoboCop and how to do the connection of motors and remote

    Long Jet Robotics Car

    Kids will learn the concept of Jet, how it works and how Jet can push the Long Car.


    Here kids will learn to how to build the complete RoboBoy Robot and how to control it with the help of remote

    Bhallal Robot

    Kids will learn about the Ballal Vehicle used in Bahubali movies and will make that type Robot with cutter

    F1 Race Car

    Kids will make the Car with F1 Race design which will have a cooling fan facility also in that.

    RoboBlock Advance Comprise
    of Following Courses

    Here kids will start learning about the Advance Robots which they can use in real time at home Kids will learn concepts like Momentum, Force, Gear and types of gears, Center of Gravity, Torque and many more. Kids will learn total 10 projects in this and 2 tests will be there

    Four Wheel Base

    Kids will learn the concept of Motion, types of Motion, two motor connections with controller and movement control

    Claw Robot

    Kids will learn the concept of gravity, gravitational force, center of gravity, they will learn how to build the robot which can hold something.

    Robotics Crane

    Kids will learn the concept of gear, types of gears, application of them, building of complete robotic crane and controlling it.

    Gripper Robot

    Kids will learn the basics of gears, what is Driver and Driven, how gears increase and decrease the speed, building of complete gripping mechanism and controlling them

    Dumper Truck Robot

    Kids will learn the concept of loading unload mechanism, construction of truck, connection of loading unloading motor and working of it

    Robotic Crane with Pulley

    Kids will learn the concept of Pulley, how it works and its applications at many places, building a complete Robotic Crane with Pulley and controlling it.

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    How Will Robotics be Helpful for my Child ?

    today’s technology-driven world, it’s important now more than ever to prepare students for the future. Teaching robotics to young students throughout their schooling can increase their ability to be creative and innovative thinkers and more productive members of society. By teaching our students the basics of robotics, we can open a whole new world to them and exciting opportunities that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise

    What will be the course duration?

    Complete course for 6-10 years kids is of 56 sessions. Complete course for 10-15 years kids is of 94 sessions. (each session is of 2 hrs.)

    Are classes once in a week or twice a week?

    You can schedule as per your requirement. We will update you different batch timing you can select as per your choice

    Will we be Provided with the Material required ?

    “For kit, we have two options

    1. *You can buy the kit.*

    2. *You can have kit on deposit.*
    You can have the kit to use and give us back as course get completed. For this we are taking one time deposit for kit : Rs.2500 (Refundable)

    One time Handling Charges Rs.600 applicable on Deposit kit option which will be deducted from Deposit.

    *If any component missing/broken/non working found then accordingly amount will be deduted.”

    Any exams or tests also you take to see the progress?

    In each level, there are three assessments we do. 1.Theory based test 2.Circuit Deelopment Based Test 3.Practical Project Making Test

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