National Level Robotics Championship

RW 2023 – National Level Robotics Championship organized by IBA The Robotized World.


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    RW 2023 is Robotics Competition that aims to celebrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) and make innovation an area of passion for the young minds of the developing world. It intends to capture the attention of young innovators by giving them problems and challenges..

    • “Save The Energy, Save the Future” is the theme track for Championship. Here various hurdles will be there on the track which will help to save the energy and future of human being if those hurdles will be removed with the help of Robots. The purpose is to inspire and motivate the youth to design and build robots which can withstand the trials and tribulations of the elite competition.
    • The challenge is to build your own robot within the specified dimensions in order to achieve the maximum speed to beat other robots on the given track and reach the finishing line in minimum time. The robot must run on the given racetrack. The robot must start behind the starting mark and is considered to have crossed the finishing line if any part of the robot crosses it when the robot has completed a full lap of the course. Your robot must be manually/autonomously controlled, and it should be capable of traversing over different terrain and hurdles without going outside the track. Separate points will be awarded for overcoming the hurdles. The bot with the maximum cumulative points will win the race.
    • Competition Category :
    • Junior: 6-9 years
    • Senior: 10-15 years
    • Registration Fee: Rs.6000
    • Arena Fee: Rs.2000
    • Kit Price: Rs.7000 (If you have the kit then this is not applicable)
    • Training Fee: Rs.8000 (If you don’t want to have training for Competition then this is not applicable)
    • Prizes: Prizes worth Rs.50000 will be awarded to all the winners. Each participant will get the Participation Certificate.
    • A match is played by a single participant in one go, with each participant consisting of 1 Wireless/Wired Bot.
    • An individual will participate from Any institution (School/College/University/Vocational Institution) or students (within defined age), may participate individually also.
    • Construct a remotely controlled wireless/Wired, autonomous, or manual Bot. The robot must not be made from any ready-made kit, if found so, the participant will be disqualified.
    • Prepare a video of 1 minute to 5 minutes (maximum 100 MB), showcasing participant readiness, creativity, preparing for challenges, or anything to show passion to participate in RW 2023. Share the video on the link shared to you (as google drive or V transfer) or WhatsApp no. given mentioning Your Participant Registration ID. The video is preferred to be submitted before 30th Oct 23. All videos will be uploaded on IBA The Robotized World YouTube channel. The top 2 Maximum views will have special recognition on the day of Championship.
    • On the Day of Championship, Participant needs to come with the Robot to run on the track. Participant will get the limited time to complete the track with all the hurdle of “SAVE THE ENERGY, SAVE THE FUTURE” Theme track.
    • Robot must fit inside a box of 30cm length, 30cm width and 40cm height at any point in time. Maximum weight should not be more than 5Kgs including battery, however a tolerance of 5% is acceptable in weight.
    • Ready-made bots will not be allowed to compete. Only self-made or RW 2023 listed DIY kits can be used to make bot.
    • Participants need to ensure: Batteries must be sealed, immobilized electrolyte type (gel cell, lithium, NiCad, or dry cells).
    • The electric voltage anywhere in the machine should not be more than 12V DC at any point in time for each robot.
    • The Bot must not emit infrared light. However, optical sensors (e.g., infrared-distance-sensors) may be used if they do not affect other Robots. Participants may use RF module but must ensure that RF module should have function to change different frequencies/channels and not affect other bots.
    • If a participant claims that their robot is affected by the other participant robot in any way, they must show proof/evidence of the interference. Any interference must be confirmed by a Referee if a claim is placed by the other team.
    • The robot can be autonomous or manually controlled using a Remote-control system.
    • Robots must be constructed and programmed in a way that their movement is not limited to only one direction and must move in all directions.
    • Any robotic parts/building material can be used until the robot meets the above specifications and if the design and construction are primarily the original work of the team as ready-made robots are not allowed to compete in the competition.
    • Rules for the Competition will be declared soon.

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    What will be the task of Participants in

    The challenge is to build your own robot within the specified dimensions in order to achieve the maximum speed to beat other robots on the given track and reach the finishing line in minimum time.



    Registration Fee


    Kit Price


    Arena Price


    Training Fee


    (20 sessions)

    Awards & Prizes


    Winners from each category will get Trophy, Medals, Certificates & Cash Prizes


    Each participant will get the IBA STEM Certification for RW 2023


    Winners will get Cash Prizes worth Rs.50000

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