Create Innovate

What is Create Innovate?

It’s the Presentation Program where kids will get the opportunity to present their creative ideas with their innovations in front of the audience.

Get Ready IBA Robotized Kids to present your innovative ideas to the world.

Step 1

  • This program will be organized Every Month.
  • A bunch of the IBA students will be selected each month for presentation.
  • Students who are selected for presentation will get the intimation before 15 days of the program.

Step 2

  • All the kids who are selected for a particular month need to submit a 60-sec video of their ideas of what they are going to present before 7 days of the event in the link shared with you. Link to Share 60 sec video:


  • Create Innovate Program we will keep generally on one of the Sat of the Every month.
  • It will be of 1hrs Event where 10-12 students need to give 180-sec presentation about the project they have made.

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