We have total 6 Robotics Training Centres all over Gujarat. 3 In Vadodara, 2 In Surat and 1 in Bharuch.

Robotics Training Centre is the offline platform for all the kids who are interested in Robotics and want to learn basics of robotics in well structure manner with experts. If your kids are more interested in How toys are working instead of playing with them then this academy is for your kids.

IBA The Robotized World

Robotics Courses

Eureka Robotics
6 to 9 Years

In Eureka Robotics: We mainly focus on building of different types of Robots with the help of Metal plates, Motors, Batteries and gears. Kids make models with their creativity and learn basic concept of building of Robotics Structure.

  • Age:6 to 9 years kids
  • Time::

Basic Robotics
10 to 15 Years

In Basic Robotics, Kids learn Basics of Electrical and Mechanical Concepts. Each level is divided in to three parts: Theory Session, Circuit Development and Model Making. In each Level, there will be 3 assessments based on Theory..

  • Age:10-15 years
  • Time::

Advance Robotics
10 to 15 Years

Advance Robotics enters in to Automation Field where kids learn about basics of sensors, programming and how to develop Advance Robots. From Here we are entering into Automation Field where kids will learn about sensors and making..

  • Age:10-15 years
  • Time::

Projects of Robotics
12 to 20 Years

From this level, kids develop the robots by their own like project making. We have many projects where kids learn new concepts in each.

  • Age:12-20 years
  • Time::
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