Ingrain Robotic Skills for 9-16 Years Kids

Arduino Robotics Program for 5- Days

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Rs.3490 Rs.949.

Arduino Robotics Program for 5- Days

Interactive & Engaging Classes

Certificate of Appreciation

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Hands-On Training

Kickstart Your Child’s Robotic Career

At India’s Best Educational Robotics Institute

In such a technologically sound realm, the automation and robotics industry has occupied a big percentage of world labor. With such great potential in the Automation Industry, you can expect your child to attain huge success in this realm.

If you think your child is creative enough, has great problem-solving capabilities, and can possess a blooming career in Automation and Robotics, then get started with IBA Academy to get admission in Arduino Robotics Program.

. It is a comprehensive Robotic Program that will make your child learn the nuances as well as the applications of Robotics.

Lets understand in detail about our

5 days Arduino Robotics Program

from our

Founder – Dinesh Singhvi


What Will You Learn?

Day 1: Basic of Electronics

Day 2: Automatic Light ON OFF

Day 3: Traffic Light Signal

Day 4: Theft Alarm

Day 5: Radar Technology

Schedule of the Program:

Batch 1

8 Nov to 12 Nov 2021

Timings: 3pm to 4pm or 6pm to 7pm

Batch 2

15 Nov to 19 Nov 2021

Timings: 3pm to 4pm or 6pm to 7pm

Batch 3

22 Nov to 26 Nov 2021

Timings: 3pm to 4pm or 6pm to 7pm

Batch 4

Coming Soon..

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Frequently asked Questions:

This course will kick start your kids journey in the field of Robotics and develop interest to make innovative things OUT OF THE BOX.

Yes, every student who joins shall receive CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION

  • The charges for the 5-day Workshop shall be is Rs3499/-, Right now, 70% discount offer is ON. So, you will get this course in just Rs.949.
  • Sign up fast as we have limited seats per batch.

Batch availability details are mentioned Above.

Ardunio is an open-source microcontroller, which is very easy to use for beginners. Students who wish to create something of their own, or who would want to automate some traditional process, or those who wants to make life simple for others using technology, then this should be where they should take their first step.

About Us

IBA The Robotized World is the Educational Robotics Institute which gives education to students of age group 6 to 20 years.

Aim of this Academy is to provide the platform to learn robotics at early age so that kids become very mature at the age of decision making about their future.

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Arduino Robotics Program for 5- Days

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